Coterie Pompeii Cigar Ashtray by Bram Warren


Cicar car cigar ashtray in Valley of Fire by Bram Warren Company

The Cicar® sculpted vehicle ashtrays for cigars and cigarillos fit comfortably into your vehicle's cup holder and are available in two styles. The Cicar® leaf series is a hand sculpted rendition of a tobacco leaf and the Cicar® crest series is a hand sculpted crest with intricate designs. The crest series is also available in gold script monogrammed initials. The Cicar® car cigar ashtrays are handmade in the USA of the finest quality ceramic materials by Bram Warren. The Cicar® is specially designed to attract ashes and protect the immediate area surrounding the cup holder from ashes. The Cicar® is the perfect car cigar ashtray and will add artistic elegance to your smoking experience.

Chamber single cigar ashtray in Cobalt by Bram Warren
Colloquy Striker Cigar Ashtray
Coterie Triple Cigar Ashtray

Caraman™ is hand sculpted to be both aware and resting. Abstract art for everyday life. The Caraman™ freestanding sculpture with removable cigar ashtray has two sides with opposing features. The hands on one side of the Caraman™ can hold various cigar items and the ears of the Caraman™ can hold matches and has a strikable surface under the ears to strike a match. The ash well of the removable cigar ashtray is wide and deep and is designed to protect the ashes within from the wind and the Caraman™ was designed to be sturdy and will not blow over in normal weather conditions. The Caraman™ freestanding cigar ashtray is handmade in the USA of the finest quality ceramic materials. Caraman™ is an artistic and unique stand up cigar ashtray that will add character to any environment. 

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Cinder cigarillo ashtray in Mod By Bram Warren
Cicar Car Cigar Ashtrays

The Coterie™ triple cigar ashtray by Bram Warren has three cigar rests and a wide ash well. Our Coterie™ triple cigar ashtray will enhance any atmosphere and is offered in a stunning array of unique colors and finishes. The Coterie™ triple cigar ashtray is handmade in the USA of the finest quality ceramic materials and signed by the artist. The best cigar accessory for any clique.

Caraman stand up cigar ashtray and freestanding sculpture by Bram Warren Company in Ankh

The Bram Warren Collection

Handmade in the USA of the finest quality ceramic materials

We currently offer seven styles of artistic and unique ceramic ashtrays that are especially designed for cigars and cigarillos in a great array of colors and textures. Each cigar ashtray and cigarillo ashtray is handmade of the finest quality materials and signed by the artist Bram Warren. Ceramics is an ancient art and the creations made of this art transcends lifetimes. Peruse our collection and create your perfect atmosphere...

The Chamber™ single cigar ashtray by Bram Warren has a deep ash well and a generous cigar rest that will accommodate your largest cigars. Our Chamber™ cigar ashtray is handmade in the USA of the finest quality ceramic materials and signed by the artist and is a wonderful accessory to any cigar. The Chamber™ single cigar ashtray is also available in custom monogrammed initials as shown towards the bottom of the Chamber™ page. The perfect men's gift or groomsman gift.

Chamber Single Cigar Ashtray

The Cinder™ cigar ashtray by Bram Warren has two cigar rests and an ample ash well for cigars and cigarillos. Our Cinder™ cigar ashtray is handmade in the USA of the finest quality ceramic materials and signed by the artist.


Colloquy Striker



Ceramic Cigar Ashtray by Bram Warren in Emerald Pool
Caraman Stand Up Cigar Ashtray

The original design of the Colloquy Striker™ quadruple cigar ashtray by Bram Warren has four cigar rests and a large ash well with a removable match caddy. The removable match caddy has a strikable surface on the bottom and sides of the caddy to strike a match. If the match caddy is removed various cigar accessories can be stored in its place. The Colloquy Striker™ cigar ashtray has a deep ash well and four wide cigar rests.

Cinder Cigar Ashtray