colloquy striker™

The Cinder™ cigar ashtray has two cigar rests and an ample ash well.


Caraman freestanding sculpture and stand up cigar ashtray
Coterie triple cigar ashtray by Bram Warren
Colloquy Striker quadruple cigar ashtray by Bram Warren/


Cicar car cigar ashtray by Bram Warren Company

Caraman™ is a hand sculpted free standing cigar ashtray having two sides with opposing features and a removable cigar ashtray and is 25" tall. 

Cinder cigar ashtrays by Bram Warren

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The Colloquy Striker™ quadruple cigar ashtray has four cigar rests and a large ash well with a removable match caddy with a strikable surface. 



Cicar® car cigar ashtrays fit in your vehicle's cup holder and are available in two styles, the leaf series and the crest series also available with monograms.

The Chamber™ single cigar ashtray has a long cigar rest and a generous ash well. Available with monograms.

Chamber single cigar ashtrays


Cinder Cigar Ashtrays

The Coterie™ triple cigar ashtray has three cigar rests and a wide ash well.